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Caring for Your Automatic Gate Operator

Automatic gate operators provide an essential role in maintaining controlled access to residential and commercial properties. These devices combine the latest electronics with proven mechanical components to provide convenient and efficient operation.
However, a gate operator is only as effective as the maintenance and upkeep it receives. The following shows how you can take care of your automatic gate operator.
Inspect Your Gate Operator Regularly
You should always keep an eye on your automatic gate operator, especially for any irregularities that could impact its operation. For instance, you should look out for any dents or loose panels that could damage or expose your opener's electrical circuitry. You should also watch for standing water and other hazards that could potentially damage your gate opener.
Keep Moving Parts Well-Lubricated
Lubrication is the key when it comes to keeping your gate operator in great shape. A well-lubricated gate operator will always work fluidly. Frequent lubrication also keeps friction between moving parts to a minimum, providing a longer lifespan for chains, rollers, and other gate operator components.
When lubricating your automatic gate opener, use lubricants that offer the best possible performance under a variety of conditions. White lithium grease and silicone spray lubricants are common choices for effective lubrication. How often you should lubricate your gate operator depends on the manufacturer's maintenance suggestions.
Avoid using water-displacing lubricants like WD-40, as these lubricants lack the long-term performance that silicone and white lithium lubricants offer.
Fight Rust Formation Early
Rust is the enemy of all things metal, including your gate operator. Unchecked rust buildup can do more than make your automatic gate operator look unsightly. Holes left behind by rust can rob your gate operator's electrical innards of protection against the elements. Rusted chains, sprockets, and other moving parts create excessive friction, making it more difficult for your gate operator to function properly.
Prevention is the best policy when dealing with rust. Cleaning your automatic gate on a regular basis can help stave off rust buildup. You can deal with minor rust patches with the help of some fine-grit sandpaper and a bit of patience. Using rust-resistant paints can also help keep rust buildup at bay.
Watch for Pests
Rodents, insects and other pests are always on the lookout for a place to seek shelter from the elements. Those places include your gate operator, unfortunately. In addition to bringing all types of debris inside your gate operator, pests can also electrocute themselves on the circuitry and short out your equipment in the process.
Ants are especially attracted to gate operators due to the low electrical voltage they produce. When a curious ant gets shocked by the gate operator's electrical current, the dying ant releases pheromones that bring other ants to the site. The more ants arrive at the site, the greater the chances of dead and dying ants shorting out your gate operator.
Make sure your gate operator is completely sealed against pests. Consider applying insecticides around the gate operator housing to prevent insects from crawling inside. For rodents and larger pests, you should have your pest control specialist take measures to prevent potential infestations.
Invest in Professional Service
Despite the fact that there is a lot you can do on your own to maintain your automatic gate operator, there are some things that should be left in the hands of professionals. This includes troubleshooting problems that involve your gate operator's electrical components. Tackling such issues on your own could result in accidental electrocution.
Your gate operator specialist has the tools, training, and experience to tackle nearly any problem you have with your automated access control equipment. A qualified specialist not only offers expert repairs but also in-depth troubleshooting and preventative service to stop major problems before they happen.
The experts at Zumwalt Corporation can help you with your automatic gate operator's maintenance and upkeep needs. Contact us today to learn more.