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Thinking Outside The Box-4 Ways To Use Garage Doors Throughout Your Home And Yard

Two White Garage Door
Modern garage doors provide much more than a way to hide your car or protect stored belongings. They can improve many areas of the house and yard. How? Here are 4 great alternative uses for a garage door. throughout your property.

Connect to an Outdoor Space

Installing a garage door in the house itself isn't something most people think of, but it can create a unique bridge between the indoors and the outdoors. Rather than spending a fortune on specialty window walls or multi-fold doors that fold back into a wall, a simple rolling or flip-up garage door can make an entire exterior wall disappear. The result? A seamless transition from the house to your outdoor entertainment areas.
Complement the invisible barriers that a garage door creates by using similar flooring, paint colors, and furniture styles in both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Create a Studio

Add useful space to your home by going outside the house. An outbuilding makes a great art studio, home office, or exercise room. But, outbuildings can often be dark and dreary. Using a garage door entrance on one side solves all your natural lighting and air circulation problems. You can even work while still keeping an eye on the kids or just feeling like part of the world around you.
Depending on the size of your outbuilding, you could opt for a standard single or double rolling garage door. However, if you don't have a lot of overhead room, the rolling door might get in the way or make the studio feel smaller. In this case, a side opening garage door could give more space while still opening things up.

Make Your Space Convertible

If you don't have as large of a house as you'd like or the layout you really want, you can get more use out of it by being able to change the interior walls as needed. A garage door can help do just that. By replacing an interior wall (or door entrance) with a garage door, you can either close or open up the space. This means you can take an intimate living room and open it up to add entertainment space in a nearby dining room, family room, or even the kitchen.
Do you have a balcony on an upper floor? Add a small rolling garage door instead of the exterior wall, and you have immediately made the entire room leading to the balcony larger. This makes the balcony space part of your overall design plan and helps it get much more use as a retreat.

Add Protection from the Weather

Single panel doors that fold up or swing outward aren't used as much in garages any more. But they can serve as simple, inexpensive protection from the elements. Add a garage door that swings rather than rolls, and you create an instant awning or side protection from wind.
Single panel glass doors even allow sunlight to filter through while still preventing rain and snow from getting in the way. Homeowners looking to create a small outdoor room near the house can benefit from this easy method. Just keep in mind that the door itself will require additional space to swing out and back in.
No matter what type of home you have, a garage door can solve a number of different challenges. From adding more useable space to the interior to making the outdoors easier to access and more comfortable, the humble garage door may just be the answer you've been looking for. Why not get started on your home makeover today by calling the garage door experts at Zumwalt Corporation today.