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Three Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Garage Door

In many homes, garage doors are used more frequently than the front door. Because they are constantly opening and closing, garage doors can wear out faster than you may think. Is yours showing its age? Here are three ways to know you should replace your garage door.

Rattling & Loud Sounds

Garage Door
Over time, garage doors can require maintenance and need repairs. If you start to hear rattling and loud sounds or have had your door serviced a few times, you may be ready to replace it with a newer, quieter model.

Temperature Control

Garages may not need the same amount of insulation as the rest of your house, but if you have living space above yours, you need a garage door that can help you regulate the temperature inside. A new door can be better insulated and have additional features to keep you more comfortable.

Safety & Security

Garage doors need to be safe, secure and durable. Today’s doors have more safety features to help keep young children out of harm’s way and keep your home better protected.
You can enjoy these benefits and a great makeover to your home’s exterior when you replace your garage door. If you would like more information about replacing your garage door, please call Zumwalt Corporation in St. Louis.